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Our Process

A comprehensive financial planning process is comprised of three distinct phases - plan design, implementation and monitoring.


We begin by collecting your financial data, supplemented with an interactive conversation to uncover and clearly define your unique goals and concerns. Next we evaluate how well your existing plan positions you to meet your current needs and future goals. The outcome of this assessment drives the design of your comprehensive financial plan. It includes written recommendations with a focus on opportunities to address current shortfalls and inefficiencies.


The design phase ends with the delivery of the plan and you are free to implement our plan with whomever you choose. However, we recognize that implementing a financial plan can be daunting without proper guidance. We research the marketplace to identify investment managers and insurance companies that best fit your long-term needs. We will work closely with your other trusted advisors, such as attorneys, accountants and family members, to further ease the decision-making process.


Our systematic monitoring process ensures regular communication and review. Change is a constant. Whether it be a change in your overall finances, your goals or external factors such as estate tax legislation, or the Internal Revenue Code, it is important to regularly review and adjust your plan accordingly.
Periodic updates to your plan require a new agreement and may be subject to additional fees.